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This new cafe in Bandra gives discounts to men with beards!

Hold up Guys! Your day has come! It's no longer only about the ladies because this new cafe in Bandra is celebrating men by giving discounts if you have a beard. That's right,now the ladies are going to want you... Continue Reading →


This Famous joint is now serving quarter portions of food at unbelievable prices!

Thats Right! Chawla's has opned a new outlet serving quarter portions! PS- They are huge! Chawla's is a name of great repute. Everyone has heard of it either in Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Bangalore or from other people and for the longest... Continue Reading →

Nerve- Everything you need to know about this new lounge in Bandra

Nerve is the newest bar and lounge in Bandra and it is located opposite marks and spencer on Hill Road. It has replaced Rude Lounge and is split over 3 levels. The place is an all in one, multi-use space... Continue Reading →

Udaipur 360 – All you need to know to plan your next trip

Udaipur - From the heart of a Traveller, the eye of an Architect and the Palate of a Foodie I took this trip in October , 2016 and I'm sorry it's taken so long to write this post. October was the month... Continue Reading →

Norwegian Salmon with a Soy Honey Glaze and Mashed Potatoes Recipe #GodrejNaturesBasket

If I had to answer the question, "What's your favourite fish?", I don't think it would even take me a second to reply, Pink Salmon. Each time I go to a restaurant serving salmon everyone already knows what I'm going... Continue Reading →

Whatsapp catches up with Snapchat and Instagram – WhatsApp Status 

Whatsapp recently decided to roll out its latest feature called "Status". Whatsapp has completed 8 years today, the 24th of Feb, and it wants to introduce Snapchat and Instagram like story feature to its instant messaging application.  Currently, the leaks... Continue Reading →

Your Scandalous Conversations Are Safe – The Whatsapp Rumour is a Savage Hoax

Recently, the popular troll website"8shit" posted an article on whatsapp getting an update on the 5th of February. The post claims that the update will enable users to get notified when someone takes a screenshot of your chat. It is... Continue Reading →

The Cascade Collection by Gaurika Modi

Just like beautiful waterfalls the Pearls and Chains of this collection cascade upon our skin and entice us to dive deep into the depths of their Beauty. Gaurika Modi, the creative and successful jewellery designer and entrepreneur has struck again... Continue Reading →

The Newest Rooftop Lounge in Mumbai! Are you constantly on the lookout for chilled out rooftop restaurants in Mumbai? 1 Above just may be the scene you've been hunting for. This vegetarian lounge and restaurant serves Sheesha and some pretty interesting appetisers. Check out the... Continue Reading →

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