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Your Ultimate Guide to Royal China

Looking for great Chinese food in Mumbai? Royal China deserves your time! Read about my personal favourites at this restaurant and find out exactly what you should be ordering on your next visit!


Love Pizza? This Pizzeria in Khar imports its ingredients from Europe to give you the authentic experience!

When it comes to ordering Pizza, everyone is familiar with the ‘Joey’s Special’, well I think after visiting Pi Pizzeria I’m going to have to coin a new expression, 'The Sanskaara Special'. If I had my own combo, it would... Continue Reading →

All you Gin and Tonic Lovers, Here’s your New Favourite Restaurant

The Good Wife is a simple yet fun restaurant nestled within The Capital building in BKC. They serve some classic continental and French dishes as well as some interesting fusion dishes. We were invited to try their Special Gin and... Continue Reading →

Bombayites are going crazy about the Rum and Whiskey Ice Creams at this new Carter Road Joint!

Yes! You heard that right! We're actually talking about Rum and Whiskey Ice Creams, served with Rum Balls and Whiskey sauce! Its time to take your favourite Booze, and in your Ice Cream INFUSE! Head to Oh So Stoned now!... Continue Reading →

PaPaYa- Everything you should order on your visit to this Modern Asian Bistro

Disclaimer- Most of the dishes mentioned below are non vegetarian and whilst the following list is a meat lovers paradise, we apologize to the vegetarians for the lack of vegetarian options presented Pa pa Ya is one of the few places... Continue Reading →

Weekend Getaway Ideas : Kamshet

Every now and then, this hectic, metropolitan life catches up with us and we find ourselves longing for a break. More often than not, for us Bombayites that break ends up being in Lonavala, Khandala, Panchgani or Mahableshwar. Without beating... Continue Reading →

Love Bubble Tea? This place is everything you have wished for!

If I had to describe Dr Bubbles in one sentence I'd say Chota Packet, Bada Dhamaka. I've been passing by this little shop across Marks and Spencer since over a year and just never happened to stop by. Bubbles, jelly... Continue Reading →

This new cafe in Bandra gives discounts to men with beards!

Hold up Guys! Your day has come! It's no longer only about the ladies because this new cafe in Bandra is celebrating men by giving discounts if you have a beard. That's right,now the ladies are going to want you... Continue Reading →

This Famous joint is now serving quarter portions of food at unbelievable prices!

Thats Right! Chawla's has opned a new outlet serving quarter portions! PS- They are huge! Chawla's is a name of great repute. Everyone has heard of it either in Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Bangalore or from other people and for the longest... Continue Reading →

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