We, Sanskaara and Priyank started this blog to share our love for Food, Tech, Travel and Lifestyle with the world!

Whats a great experience without anyone to share it with? On the other hand, Whats a shitty experience without a way to warn others about it?

So here we are,the Everything Bloggers to tell you everything that you should know about and all the great Food,Restaurants,Gadgets,Hotels, and Destinations that you cannot miss out on and those that you just need to RUN AWAY from!

Yes, here you’ll find Rants too, we’re not here to talk only about Glitz and Glamour and we’re DEFINITELY not here to promote brands we don’t believe in!

We’re here to tell you about all our loves and hates and to hear about yours. So Hit us up, Tell us what amazes and you and what you despise, so that together we can know EVERYTHING!

Watch out for Rants and Raves and all our Fave’s here at Everything Bloggers  


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