When it comes to ordering Pizza, everyone is familiar with the ‘Joey’s Special’, well I think after visiting Pi Pizzeria I’m going to have to coin a new expression, ‘The Sanskaara Special’. If I had my own combo, it would not just be 2 pizzas, it would be 2 pizzas, my favourite appetiser and dessert! Read on to know my favourites!

Pi Pizzeria, Khar may look like a take away place, but don’t be misled, there’s a lot more to this eatery than meets the eye. This little eatery has a comfortable sit down on the first floor and features some beautiful rustic interiors. The exposed brick walls, grey tones and warm yellow lighting lend a wonderful atmosphere to the restaurant.

I was invited to try the food at Pi Pizzeria whilst sharing the table with some prominent bloggers in Mumbai and I can safely say that everyone left the restaurant RATHER impressed. Given below are some of the dishes we tried.


Butter Garlic Dough Balls

In the recent three years, dough balls have become a rage in the country. Restaurants like Pizza Express have served these with dips and even nutella but somehow I’ve never really been impressed with them, until now. I ordered the dough balls expecting yet another dense lump but was pleasantly surprised by fresh and delicious buns topped with molten butter and herbs. The dough balls also come with a pot of Garlic Herbed butter so you can just dive in for another sinful scoop. HEAVEN IN A BITE.

Mozzerella Garlic Bread

Every Pizzeria must have a good garlic bread. The trend was set years ago and Pi surely lived up to it. The buttery bread comes topped with some delicious, stretchy, streaky mozerella and is fresher than ever. No my friends, this isn’t that sad old toast with butter spread on top, its way better!

Baked Mushrooms with Pesto & Mozzarella

This dish reminded me of a classic party appetiser we make at home for guests. It’s so simple actually, what could go wrong? Mushrooms and cheese! Pi Pizzeria kicks up my recipe by a notch by adding a generous serve of herbs and chilly flakes.


I’ll be honest here, I may even lose some followers for saying this, but, I’m not really a pizza person and DEFINITELY not a commercial, home delivery pizza person. I only enjoy genuine thin crust pizzas with wholesome, fresh toppings. I can’t stand wilted and shrivelled pizza toppings. Having said that, I will say that that the pizzas at Pi Pizzeria had none of these flaws. The pizza base was slightly thicker than a typical thin crust, to avoid it from crumbling and not overthick. Pi boasts of using only genuine ingredients imported from Europe to maintain the integrity and authenticity of flavour. Here are some of the pizzas we tried.


  • Quattro
  • Porcini – Mushrooms, Onions, Parmesan

I thoroughly enjoyed the Quattro, commonly known as the four cheese pizza. The four cheeses used were parmesan, fontal, feta and mozerella. Each cheese has a distinct flavour and the pizza sauce itself was delicious!

Non Vegetarian

  • Stagioni – Pepperoni, Ham, Olives, Mushrooms
  • Pollo Arrosto – Chicken, Roasted Peppers, Pesto, Onions
  • Make your own pizza – Pepperoni, Ham, Chicken

Those who know me well will know what a pork lover I am hence the Stagioni was a no brainer for me. I loved the pepperoni and the ham layer added a delicious meatiness to the Pizza. For hard core non vegeterians the Make your own pizza is of great use. We hungry hops ordered ourselves a meat loaded pizza topped with pepperoni, ham and chicken. Needless to say, it was DELICIOUS!



There are very very few people in Mumbai serving tiramisu with actual lady fingers in it .Thankfully Pi is one of them. There are also very few people that serve genuine mascarpone in their Tiramisu and thankfully gain, Pi Pizzeria is one of them. The dessert was wonderfully layered, not too dry, not too creamy, simply perfect!



For me, there are just two rules to a great cheesecake. 1. Buttery Crust 2. Cheesy Filling. I love having a smooth,melt in your mouth cheesecake and the one at Pi Pizzeria was definitely great! I only wish the crust was a little thinner.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Everywhere I go, the first thing I look for in the dessert menu is a Chocolate Lava or a chocolate Fondant. It is my latest obsession and I am HOOKED. I’ve been seeing social media raging about the Choco Lava at Pi Pizzeria and I could not wait to get my hands on it. As soon as I dug my spoon into the cake, I knew that I was at the right place. The rich, decadent chocolate and the piping hot cake corners were absolutely DELICIOUS!



Alright, so now that I’ve shared my entire review with you, can you guess what ‘The Sanskaara Special’ would be?

pi combo

Like I said earlier, taking inspiration from the Joey special,I’ve decided to fashion my own special comprising of an appetiser, 2 pizzas and a dessert! I know Chandler, Could it BE any better? #FriendsFanAlert.
So here are my picks. My special would have The Butter Garlic Dough Balls, The Stagioni Pizza,The meat loaded Make Your Own pizza and my favourite dessert of all, The Chocolate Lava!

I hope your thoughts agree with mine! Don’t forget to visit Pi Pizzeria and tell me what you think!

Until then, Bon Appetite!

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