The Good Wife is a simple yet fun restaurant nestled within The Capital building in BKC. They serve some classic continental and French dishes as well as some interesting fusion dishes.

We were invited to try their Special Gin and Tonic menu featuring a vast array of exotic flavours of Gin as well as tonics.

Having taken a recent liking to Citrus Gin and Tonic drinks I was very excited about this menu.

The Menu is curated as three courses and costs about Rs 1800++ per person and each course is paired with a different Gin and Tonic. I’ll run you through our meal course by course and tell you some of the must have’s at The Good Wife

Course 1

Salmon Carpaccio

The finely sliced salmon sliced were beautifully arranged on a platter and served with lemony salad. The meat itself was drizzled with a sweet sour sauce and garnished with fresh dill. The beautiful slices of fish, drizzle, herbs and lemon make a beautiful combination and form the perfect starter

Bacon Wrapped Prawns

I hardly think that the dish needs a description. We at Everything Bloggers are ardent lovers of Bacon and can have it wrapped around carrots for all we care. Prawns, of course are ideal. What I must tell you though is that the dish is baked and not fried like we were expecting and is served with a blue cheese dip. The best part is, when they say blue cheese, they mean blue cheese and not any other cheap rip off.

The good wife

Gin and Tonic Pairing

We enjoyed our appetisers alongside a classic gin and Yuzu Tonic. Yuzu is is citric fruit with a lemony flavour.

The good wife


Course 2

Ratatouille Filo Parcel

The crisp baked parcel is filled with a delicious medley of vegetables and served with a saffron cream sauce and garnished with microgreens. The crunch of the parcel and softness of the filling together with that beautiful, smooth sauce result in a medley of textures on your palette. The dish is a definite vegetarian winner.

The good wife

Calamari in Saffron Sauce

A delicate dish comprising of simply treated calamari rings served in a saffron broth with toasted garlic bread and micro greens. My general concern with calamari is always its cook. It is often over cooked and end up tough and rubbery, however, the calamari was perfectly cooked and went wonderfully with the sauce. A very flavourful and sophisticated dish.

The good wife

Australian Seabass with Lemongrass Sauce

First things first, this is the BEST DISH I have had in the past 6 months! Seabass is one of my favourite meats and this dish had it seared to perfection. With a crisp skin and a side of parmesan polenta and sautéed spinach, it was a wholesome and complete meal. The thick slice of fish was a god portion and the gentle lemongrass flavour was exquisite!


The good wife

Gin and Tonic Pairing

We paired our delectable main course with some fantastic drinks. Our favourite was the Basil and Grape Gin and Tonic. We also enjoyed our Gin with Ginger Tonic Water


Course 3

White Chocolate Mousse

Unfortunately, this was the only dish that did not work for me in the whole evening. We found the mousse rather oversweet and felt like it tasted too much like plain whipping cream. The next dessert was definitely redeeming though.

Chocolate Fondant

Now this dessert is not a part of the menu curated by the restaurant. It is definitely too rich and decadent to be included in a delicate menu like that. However, the chocolate loving rebel in me just HAD to have a bite! We are absolute Fondant Freaks here at EB and we loved the hot, oozy heaven served to us. This dessert isn’t delicate and petit but it’s bold, decadent and Bloody Delicious!


The Gin and Tonic Menu is priced at Rs1800++ and is inclusive of generous serves of unusual Gin and Tonic pairings and an exclusive 3 course meal.
We loved what we ate and will be visiting to try the rest of their menu very soon.
Until then, Bon Appetite!


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