Hold up Guys! Your day has come! It’s no longer only about the ladies because this new cafe in Bandra is celebrating men by giving discounts if you have a beard.
That’s right,now the ladies are going to want you to enter with them.

The Bhookha Beirdo opened its doors 2 days ago and is located on Pali Hill right next to the Bagel shop.
They call themselves a travel cafe. Yes, I had the same question, what is a travel cafe?
The Beirdo says it’s an eatery with a menu featuring classic dishes from across his travels.
Since Anurag and his partner, the owners of The Bhookha Beirdo are very well travelled their menu features lots of unique and interesting dishes which are sure to get your tastebuds rolling.

With dishes like the Bunny Chow from Africa, Paella from Spain,Thukpa from Tibet and the Banh Mi from Vietnam I was excited to see whether this new restaurant had their flavours in place.
The only dish of the above lot that I hadn’t tried ever was the Banh Mi and that’s why that’s exactly what I picked.
As per Wikipedia, Banh Mi is the French word for bread, more specifically Baguette.
TBB serves their sandwich in a unique way by scooping out the centre of a sub and filling it with your chosen meat. We picked the Pork Banh Mi. The filling had a generous serve of pork smothered in a sweet spicy sauce with Asian influences. It was yum!
Bro Tip– Though a traditional Banh Mi is served in a Baguette, TBB served it in a scooped out sub, a softer bread. Because the bread had been scooped out it was not sturdy enough to hold in all that hot filling. Which is when why I picked up the sub to eat it the bread cracked open from below dropping a big goop of pork on my clothes.

Never mind the accident, I picked it up from my jeans and ate it anyway, it was delicious!

Along with our sandwich we ordered the Mushroom Tea. Served in a teacup with a spread of foam you would never believe this wasn’t tea until you tasted it. To stick with the theme they gave us a curly Mustache breadstick to go with it. The mushroom Tea was subtle and tasty.


We also ordered a mango smoothie. Although the smoothie tasted nice and was sugar free it was warm and the portion was very very small. I was a little disappointed looking at the size of my glass.

For mains we ordered the Classic Steak served with Sautéed vegetables, caramelised onions, mashed potatoes and a brown mushroom sauce.
The sauce and all the sides were perfect. In fact I haven’t had onions caramelised so well in a long long time. What’s essential whilst ordering a steak to ask the customer how they’d like it cooked at the time of order. This little detail was overlooked and by the time I mentioned that I’d like a medium cook my steak was already overdone. Unfortunately the meat was tough and chewy.

Since TBB is all about beards, they’re giving all bearded men a discount. The longer your beard, the greater your discount.
Here’s a picture from their Facebook page showing you the discount your eligible for.


TBB is a small cafe with good food but slightly boring interiors. The dead wall up front, blank walls and underdone interiors upset the architect in me but Anurag promised that the interiors would get more lively with objects and frames from his travels. In fact he even said that new additions would be made regularly and the cafe would look different every 4 months.
I sincerely hope the interiors liven up a little ASAP.

Despite the hiccups we faced with the food, I left very happy from the cafe because the owners are absolute delights.
They are warm and friendly and ever open to suggestions and feedback. The service was great, the food was served quickly and to top it off my bearded partner got me a clean 10% discount on my bill. We paid Rs 1000 for all that food we spoke of, isn’t that great?


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