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Chawla’s has opned a new outlet serving quarter portions! PS- They are huge!

Chawla’s is a name of great repute. Everyone has heard of it either in Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Bangalore or from other people and for the longest time people have waited for it to be delivered to their location.
When I came back from Bangalore I was delighted to know that Chawla’s had opened up a new outlet, that too in my area and with some very attractive prices.
Being a single child with working parents and some very odd eating hours I usually tend to eat alone in the day.
Also being a food blogger, variety has now become very important to me. That’s where the quarter portions of Chawla’s serve very handy.
One of the most annoying parts about other restaurants is that they aren’t even willing to serve a half portion, let alone a quarter!
I must mention at this point that a quarter portion from Chawla’s is as good as a half portion of most of its competitors.

Coming to the food, a selection of gravies,kebabs and rotis were sent over. Here is what my lunch comprised of : Chicken Kali Mirch Tikka, Chawla’s cream chicken, Rara Chicken, Dum Aloo and assorted Rotis.

I was most eager to taste the famous, reputed and most spoken about Chawla’s Cream chicken and the dish definitely lived up to the expectations. A lot of people are not fond of un-spiced Indian food and I’m not sure as to whether it would appeal to everyone but I have always liked simple gravies, hence the dish really worked for me. It was rich and had mild heat coming from the pepper. It went well with some of the spicier gravies.

Even though I’m a non vegetarian, my favourite dish was easily the Kashmiri Dum Aloo. This dish isn’t your regular Dum Aloo. The potatoes are stuffed with minced paneer and served in a thick gravy. The spicy masalas are balanced by the caramelised onions making the dish an absolute winner. I’d definitely recommend this dish to everyone reading.

The Rara Chicken was a tomato and onion based gravy with just the right amount of Chilly and a good balance of masalas.

Chawla’s serves a selection of barbeque as well. We got to try to the Chicken Kali Mirch Tikka. It had a distinct flavour of crushed pepper and what tasted like a a yogurt marinade. I usually find Kali Mirch Tikkas too peppery and the coarse grains always annoy me, however, I quite liked the Chawla’s Tikka. A quarter portion disappeared in seconds!


The selection of rotis were fresh and arrived hot and glistening with butter. Just the kind of rotis that make any hungry soul happy.

Although I’m not one to eat North Indian Food in restaurants often, this meal definitely left me very satisfied and wanting for more.
The new outlet delivers to Khar, Bandra and Santacruz and is definitely a must try!


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