Whatsapp recently decided to roll out its latest feature called “Status”. Whatsapp has completed 8 years today, the 24th of Feb, and it wants to introduce Snapchat and Instagram like story feature to its instant messaging application. 

Currently, the leaks hovering over the internet are from android phones which have been unlocked by enabling the xposed modules after rooting their phones. Ios devices are slowly getting the update.

Picture by PcAdvisor Uk

Expect it to come as a separate tab called “Status” within the application. Goes without saying, the stories will last for 24 hours only. The only feature that sets it apart from the other players is its end-to-end encryption. Besides that, users can upload photos, videos and gifs. 

Picture by PcAdvisor Uk

There will be privacy settings which will allow you to choose who can actually see your story. You obviously don’t want your boss to know that you’re hanging out at a farmhouse when you’ve actually told him that you’re sick. 

Stay tuned for the actual update. We will keep you posted. Till then, cheers ✌🏻 
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