Recently, the popular troll website”8shit” posted an article on whatsapp getting an update on the 5th of February. The post claims that the update will enable users to get notified when someone takes a screenshot of your chat. It is rumoured to work in the same way as a blue tick for a read receipt works; in other words, the user will get the choice to enable or disable the feature. If enabled, both users will get notified of a screenshot and if disabled, no user will get notified.  

It is safe to say that this is just a rumour and WhatsApp has not yet confirmed any such updates. As far as the feature is concerned, I personally, am fine with it until it has the option for me me to control the notification bit. 

Besides the hoax that has gained so much popularity, there has been a significant update to whatsapp on the ios version of the app. 

Firstly, you can FINALLY send messages on whatsapp without having an internet connection. Rejoice! The send button is BLUE forever. The messages sent this way would be queued and sent once network connectivity is regained. 

Secondly, you can now send 30 pictures as opposed to 10 earlier. This is a most welcome change!

So as long as WhatsApp keeps updating and bringing such useful features, it’ll be my number 1 instant messaging application. 
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