As a newbie from Mumbai, Indiranagar was the first place I was pointed towards when I asked for a “Happening, Chilled out Area” and yes, you are spoilt for choice in this bustling fun zone for Foodies!
Bottle and Glass is located in the heart of Indira Nagar and covers a large area ranging from a Balcony bar to a dance floor.The space can feel enclosed yet open and is definitely an interesting venue.The wooden piecework on the roof I’d definitely the main feature of the bar, the rest of the interiors are fairly simple dotted with high and low seating for groups of all sizes.

On entering the bar, I had high expectations of great cocktails and on seeing drinks of different colours in everyone’s hands I was quite excited to get my hands on my own glass.
Unfortunately my drinks throughout the experience were a let down as they just didn’t seem boozy enough and were way too sweet for my liking. Considering the fierce competition around my only suggestion to the restaurant would be to work on the quality of drinks.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to say that it wasn’t all bad.

Things picked up from there. There were quite a few appetizers that I quite enjoyed.
The menu was quite expansive offering a variety of starters and mains and featuring mixed cuisines.

My favourite was definitely the Prawn Tempura. Crisp batter friend prawns friend to perfection and served with a tangy dipping sauce, a definite winner.

Although, the others on my table seemed to have mixed opinions about this dish I quite enjoyed the Chicken Lollipop 65.
For mains we had an assortment of Pizzas, Thai Curry Rice, Chicken and Veg Biryani and Mexican Nachos.
Although I expected stringy Mozerella when I picked up my pizza slice I wasn’t disappointed with the taste at all. Some of the Pizzas had barbecue sauce on them as well and I enjoyed both the veg and non veg options.

The Thai curry fell short of my expectations, it was very low on salt and lacked any district flavours.
The Nachos and Biryani were quite ordinary, not exceptional but not bad either.
As an overall verdict I think Bottle and Glass has some good appetisers but definitely needs to pull up their socks with their drinks and main course.

Bro Tip- If you’re visiting, order the Tempura Prawns and the pizza, these are definitely the best things we ordered.

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