They say, never judge a book by its cover. I say, never judge a restaurant by the number of tables inside, judge it by the number of people standing outside.
This is the tale of my long journey from Whitefields to Koramangala only to try some delicious Arabic food from the new joint Tarbouche.
It had been a long tiring day and I was rather looking forward to some delicious food. On arriving at the destination and seeing the little joint, yes, I was disappointed to know that I was going to have to stand. But boy was I wrong! I’d be glad to stand and eat at Tarbouche.
I often tell people, it’s not about how much you do, it’s about doing little but doing it perfectly!
And that, is exactly what the menu of Tarbouche is. Precise and Delicious. No fancy plating, no extra flamboyance, just great food at GREAT prices.
We were served the Shish Touk, Char Grilled Lamb Kebab, Kebab Halabi and Felafels.
You have the option of either making a roll or having the meat as a platter. We picked the platter which is served with hummus, garlic sauce and salad.

When it comes to Arabic and even Greek food due to past experiences I’m always afraid of dry and hard Kebabs. What I loved about the food here was that each kebab was soft, differently spiced, perfectly cooked and juicy.
My favourite of all was the Char Grilled Lamb Kebabs, trust me I just could not get my hands off them!
The falafels too were perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and had a perfect grainy texture.


What really stole the show for me was the assortments of drinks we had. My oh my! What an assortment of drinks the menu has and what unique and impressive flavours.
We tried the Avil Milk,Apricot Milkshake, Anjeer Milkshake, Coconut Milkshake and the Oreo as well.
Yes, sorry, pardon me for the gluttony.
Avil Milk is a thick Milk based drink made of a banana mash and muesli. It’s almost like eating a rich healthy breakfast in a cup.
In my opinion the tender coconut, apricot and Oreo milkshakes were absolutely spot on.
There was no cheaping out on ingredients and although we were just 2 people, my partner in crime, Krutika and I devoured all the drinks!
I’d say if you’re in Koramangala and looking for a quick bite that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, stop by Tarbouche and have their Mutton Kebab.

Bro Tip- Apricot Milkshake and Mutton Kebabs all the way bro!
Also, avoid the Sharbat Milk, it’s a tad bit over sweet.


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